• Silent Eye Lip Reading Translator:

Is a premium lip reading translation & video transcription service that is offered nationwide and tailored to each client’s request. As an independent contractor, our services target a wide spectrum of industries using the latest cutting edge technology and professional video analysis software. To ensure accuracy and maximize transcription results, your video footage is thoroughly analyzed using a combination of software features that incorporates looping, zoom, tempo control, exporting and editing capabilities. SELTranslator employs strategic, ingenious and technical methods necessary within the frame of the law to obtain and accurately translate & transcribe audio without sound.

  • Video Transcription:

My eyes become your ears via lip reading the myriad of visible spoken incidents previously captured on video without audio.

  • Real Time Translation:

Lip reading is conducted live remotely behind a video wall, monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Federal & State Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Private Investigators

  • Security Firms

  • Entertainment

  • Law Firms

  • Medical

  • Archival & all miscellaneous videos