• Silent Eye Lip Reading Translator is a premium service. Rates vary by type of assignment, service requested, degree of difficulty and expertise required. Like most professional translation service firms, a two-hour minimum fee is required. Retainer clients who purchase blocks of time qualify for discount rates. Transcriptions used for publications are charged an additional fee.
  • Rates include the assessment, a thorough analysis with repeated viewings using professional video software and the transcription. Additional time may be necessary depending on the duration of the footage and degree of difficulty. Once payment has been received and confirmed, I will begin the assignment and complete it within 2-5 business days.
  • Every video submitted differs due to a myriad of variables. The first step in lip reading transcription is establishing the subject and context of the dialogue. To speed up the process, elaborate on as much detail as possible regarding the footage in your initial inquiry on the contact page. Include any pertinent background information such as specific words, jargon, comments, phrases, who, what, where, when and etc. This serves as a backdrop and allows SELTranslator a jump-start.
  • Email for a free quote:
    –  An estimated time frame required to complete your translation assignment
    –  Video transcription with a transcribed hard copy sent via email
    –  Real time (live) field, remote or shadow translation
    –  Airline, hotel, gas and other related cost
    –  Urgency- Rush fees may apply


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