Professional Lip Reading Translation & Video

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Silent Eye Lip Reading Translator or SELTranslator is a professional forensic lip reading translation & transcription service. This unique service is paired with state of the art video analysis software/ technology and offered to a wide spectrum of industries that require real time translation & video transcription where auditory comprehension may be unavailable.

    My eyes become your ears!

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“The dynamics that surround the complex art of lip reading during an investigation in order to process translation parallels within the parameters of all aspects of nonverbal communication. Such expertise requires a keen eye with highly specialized skills involving strategic, ingenious and technical methods necessary to obtain and accurately translate/transcribe information from its expressive content to its receptive context in true and original form”

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The Art

“Lip reading is the eyes’ pathway to hearing the detailed movements of the tongue, lips, teeth, facial expressions and nonverbal cues to help understand spoken language without sound.” When the human condition loses one of its 5 senses, another takes over and dominates. In the case of deafness, the eyes reign when the ear cannot hear. To master the art, lipreading requires a strong command of the English language while subconsciously having the ability to decipher and scientifically understand visemes, the placement of the mouth position and the phonemes of speech.